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Indifferent. neither apathetic nor ignorant, but to maintain a callous attitude against the world.
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Arctic Monkeys for Esquire UK | May 2014 x

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'Mobile Lovers'

Banksy’s newest work uploaded to his website.

Photograph: Banksy



Digitally Assembled Paintings by Russ Mills

Abstract, Gothic and full of emotion, Russ Mills’ artwork is absolutely stunning. A fashion illustrator and graphic designer, Mills is purely fascinated with the human form, particularly the face as it can be seen in his latest portfolio, ‘Recent Excursions.’

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Snapped earlier today. The first ever #selfie with a group of 2nd grade students. They’re really photogenic :) #potd #selfie #school #practicum #studentteacher #class

Gandalf and his playmate, Sheldon the terappin. They’re playing hide and seek lol


Brilliant poster by Roland Tiango. Using spot-varnished type the poster slowly reveals its message, as ink comes off on the recipients hands, in turn making the poster dirty.

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Throwback Thursday. #selfie #bestfriends #college #studentteacher #missemolboys #countingdownthedays